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Medium Medical Compression Socks


Medium Compression Sock: 20-30 mmHg compression sock. The Medium Compression package contains two socks. 

Much easier to don and doff than other high compression products, the Vive Wear system allows you more freedom and convenience while providing the comfort and compression levels that you need.

Vive Wear has created a unique line of compression socks with graduated compression throughout the sock to provide support, fatigue resistance and general medical compression. We constantly strive to provide a product through craftsmanship and integrity that seeks to improve the quality of your life.   

The Vive Wear sock’s patented construction sets a new standard for a wearable medical device. The sock is energized with a micro-current that you can wear. The sock generates a micro-current when exposed to conductive body fluid. This electric field enhances the body’s natural mechanism for wound healing. This patented construction cradles your foot with the comfort of the finest alpaca and merino wool. High wear areas of the sock are reinforced on the outside. 

How to Choose your Vive Size for Compression Socks

Choose a sock size that will safely fit the largest foot, ankle and calf measurement.

Measure at the widest part of the calf.

Measure at the smallest part of the ankle just above the ankle bones.






Vive Wear®Compression Sock Size Chart

Care of Your Compression Socks

Wash in a machine or by hand in warm or cold water with regular detergent. Dry on low heat in a dryer to restore the shape and strength of the sock.

Vive Wear Composition

Natural Fibers 50% (Alpaca 25% and Merino Wool 25%), Nylon 32%, Lycra 18%,Nano-Silver andNano-Copper less than 1%.