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Exum Mountain Guide

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Vive Wear Exum Mountain Guide Crew Socks are endorsed by the Exum Mountain Guides of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Exum Mountain Guides is the oldest, most experienced mountain guide service in the country. 

Vive Wear has created a unique line of compression socks to enhance athletic performance by providing graduated compression to provide support and fatigue resistance. We constantly strive to provide a product through craftsmanship and integrity that seeks to improve the quality of your adventures. 

Vive Wear is the first medical-grade graduated compression sock made from certified organic baby alpaca and merino wool that incorporates silver and copper nanoparticles. This patented combination generates a microcurrent that energizes recovery and promotes circulation. This means that when you sweat, a tiny electric current is created to help your body’s natural method of recovery.

So, whether you are hiking in the mountains and want comfort without stinky socks, working on your feet all day and want to reduce fatigue, sitting for long periods of time and need improved circulation, or wanting to regenerate tissue after running a marathon, Vive Wear is designed for you.

Vive Wear® Compression Sock Size Chart

Care of Your Compression Socks

Wash in a machine or by hand in warm or cold water with regular detergent. Dry on low heat in a dryer to restore the shape and strength of the sock.

Vive Wear Composition

Natural Fibers 50% (Alpaca 25% and Merino Wool 25%), Nylon 32%, Lycra 18%, Nano-Silver and Nano-Copper less than 1%.