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Material Difference

Unprecedented Engineering meets Unmatched Comfort

The Vive Wear line of products have been built for life. 

That means incredible effectiveness has to be matched by incredible comfort. Our goal is that you never want to take them off.

To meet that audacious goal, we turned to the best quality materials that we could find. From natural fibers to provide softness and moisture wicking, to metals that provide anti-microbial properties and micro-currents, Vive Wear is far more than just another compression sock. 

Read more about each of our materials brings to Vive Wear. 


  • Softness: Superfine baby alpaca is one of the softest natural fibers
  • Comfort: alpaca contains no lanolin and is hypoallergenic
  • Thermal Properties: contains microscopic air pockets, which provides protection from both head AND cold
  • Water Absorption: alpaca fiber is naturally water resistant and wicks away body moisture, providing comfort even when wet.
  • Breathability: alpaca has superior breathability compared to synthetic fibers. 


  • Softness: Superfine merino wool is regarded as having the softest and finest wool of any sheep
  • Antibacterial: alpaca contains no lanolin and is hypoallergenic
  • Thermal Properties: excellent at regulating body temperature. 
  • Water Absorption: excellent at wicking away moisture. The fibers are naturally both hydrophobic (repel water) and hydrophilic (attracts water) and provide comfort when wet

Nano-Silver Plates

Nano-silver plates are engineered into specific triangular shapes to provide optimal antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and micro-current properties. The nano-silver plates are fabricated to standards for medical devices. The nano-silver plates are permanently bonded to the merino wool and alpaca. Independent studies have demonstrated that the silver will not leach out of the sock even after repeated machine washings. 


Nano-copper fiber is composed of a permanently bound nano-copper to a matrix of nylon fibers.  The properties of the nano-copper combined in a patented design with the nano-silver plates creates a galvanic cell that generates a micro-current in the sock.

PTFE Nylon

PTFE coated nylon is used to reinforce the high abrasion areas of the heel and foot to reduce friction and increase the durability of the sock.  By minimizing friction, PTFE reduces the chance of skin blisters and protects the wool and alpaca from wear. The unique design of the sock places the nylon with PTFE on the outside of the high wear areas of the sock and places the alpaca and merino wool against the skin for maximum comfort.